I have used Lorraine DeSola for multiple decorating projects ranging from a whole condo to a single room; 2 were local and one was an out of town project. All were very successful! Lorraine works promptly and is mindful of your budget. She has access to a large variety of contractors and can get any work done. Lorraine can work with your existing decor or orchestrate a complete overhaul. I would highly recommend Lorraine with her excellent sense of style.

- Charlsie Woolley

Lorraine has helped us with projects in our home for over 7 years. She quickly came to understand us and our lifestyle. This made jobs go quickly and smoothly. We can call her with questions for small or large projects. She is also a perfectly lovely person to deal with.

- Carla Kalil

Lorraine from the first time we met at our Sea Island home with the goal of lightening the place up, you have been absolutely on target with all your recommendations and suggestions. I’ve lost count, but know you helped us with two additions and one renovation at the Sea Island home, several updates and purchases of new furniture and window treatments, and of course, at our new place at Frederica.

Not only do you have superb taste and instincts, but also you learned quickly our preferences in terms of involvement — bringing use two, maybe three, possibilities including pricings, and making our selection very easy! Thank you and we are certainly not finished with asking for your expertise and guidance!!

- Jane Prendergast